Who We Are

RET GERMANY e.V. is an independent non-profit verein, registered in Germany since 2015, headquartered first in Bonn and then Berlin. It is the European headquarters of RET, working with funding from the European Governments and the European Commission, with field operations in Africa and Asia.
RET Germany e.V. is an independent, non-profit organization with legally & financially independent Board of Directors.

The RET brand was originally created through the vision of Mrs. Sadako Ogata, former UN High Commissioner for Refugees, who, in 2000, chose Geneva, Switzerland, the humanitarian capital of the United Nations, as the headquarters for RET, in order to work closely with UN agencies. As RET grew in operations and added many countries around the world, the need to re-center RET’s focus from Geneva to Berlin became apparent and in 2015, RET Germany e.V. was created to take RET’s know-how and carry it into the future.

RET Germany has today become the headquarters for RET’s activities in: 
Central & South Asia 

The Middle East & North Africa 
Sub-Saharan Africa: including East & Central Africa and West Africa. 
Europe: including Turkey
and is intended to oversee more countries in the future.

RET Germany e.V. benefited from two decades of RET’s know-how, developed through more than 360 projects and implemented in more than 32 countries.