Who We Are

RET Germany (eingetragener Verein) is an independent, impartial, non-partisan organization, with no religious or political affiliation registered in Berlin, Germany since 2015.

RET was created through the vision of Mrs Sadako Ogata – former UN High Commissioner for Refugees – who in 2000 created RET in Geneva, Switzerland. As RET grew, the need to re-center RET’s focus from Geneva to Berlin became apparent and in 2015 RET Germany was created to take RET’s know-how and carry it into the future.

RET Germany has today become the headquarters for RET’s activities in:
Central & South Asia
The Middle East & North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa: including East & Central Africa and West Africa.
Europe: including Turkey
and is intended to oversee more countries in the future.

RET Germany benefited from two decades of RET’s know-how, developed through more than 322 projects and implemented in more than 31 countries.