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Women & Girls!

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2 Million

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20 Million

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Why our Mission is Relevant!

Centered on Young People

Youth are positive actors during a crisis, while also representing the future of their communities…

Centered on Women & Girls

Protecting, supporting, and enabling women and girls to become more resilient, reach their full potential and lead their own development journey, while inspiring entire communities…


RET implements a holistic approach to create a conducive environment that facilitates access and retention of girls in school while integrating children into the basic education system in the targeted schools of the Tillaberi region, NIGER.

How is RET Germany strengthening Lebanese and Syrian refugees’ resilience and peaceful co-existence?

RET is promoting short and medium-term agriculture measures to revive rural areas that directly target the needs of the poorest refugees/local farmers and female-headed households while linking emergency food security/aid to longer-term structural support…

Multi-sectoral support for sustainable, improvement of the food and nutrition situation and peaceful and inclusive co-existence of conflict-affected populations in eastern DRCongo!

To sustainably increase the food security situation (both quantitatively and qualitatively) and improve peaceful and inclusive co-existence of conflict-affected populations, RET will work with demobilized child soldiers/youth formerly associated with armed groups, the Indigenous Batwa population, female heads of households, and internally displaced people (IDPs), returnees and vulnerable host population, and five local non-governmental organizations to increase the availability of self-produced food, while applying sustainable management of natural resources.



Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia – EMEAA Region…


At the heart of RET’s mission is to protect and build the self-reliance of young people and women…


Incorporating relevant components from one or several sectors that can effectively address the challenges facing vulnerable young people and women… LEARN MORE!

RET’s Multi-Sectoral

Integrated Programming for better Outcomes

RET’s multi-sectoral approach guarantees the complementary
nature of actions and the interdependence between them.
It provides a comprehensive approach to bridge the
multi-dimensional needs of young people and women,
achieves more significant and long-lasting results, and reduces wasteful duplication. 

Why Our Mission Matters?

Through its unique mandate centered on young people, and on women & girls,
RET bridges the gaps between humanitarian action and development aid,
adding a peace dimension to its interventions. 

This is what we refer to as the
Humanitarian – Development – Peace (HDP) Triple Nexus. 

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Transformative impact of trout fish offspring distribution in Hermel, Lebanon 

RET in Lebanon is bolstering the resilience and fostering peaceful coexistence between Lebanese communities and Syrian refugees. This initiative focuses on augmenting income generation in the agricultural and food production sectors. We’re proud to be working hand-in-hand with GATE Lebanon (https://daleel-madani.org/civil-society-directory/gate-lebanon) and the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, LARI (http://www.lari.gov.lb) to achieve these goals.  A major…

Empowering Refugees: Brah Moustapha’s Inspiring Journey 

In the face of adversity, Brah Moustapha, a 52-year-old refugee from Nigeria, has demonstrated exceptional resilience and determination. Forced to leave behind his livelihood and home due to escalating security issues, Brah sought refuge in Diffa, Niger, in 2014. The challenges he encountered were immense, but his unwavering spirit and the support he received from…

Empowering Agriculture: Integrated Pest Management (Training) in Northern Beqaa, Lebanon 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has emerged as a game-changer for farmers and gardeners in Northern Beqaa, Lebanon, offering an eco-friendly and economically viable approach to pest control. Through a collaborative effort with GATE Lebanon (https://daleel-madani.org/civil-society-directory/gate-lebanon) and the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, LARI (http://www.lari.gov.lb), RET, supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of…

New Project Launch – MALI – Empowering Vulnerable Women & Youth

RET officially launched its new project in Mali to address Food Insecurity, Peaceful Relations and Economic Interdependence among the Affected Communities. Project Title:  Improved Livelihoods and Food Security through Training in Climate-Adaptive Agriculture, Handicrafts, and Peaceful Relations and Economic Interdependence among Communities. (2022-2025) Insecurity, high population growth, weak infrastructure, and low levels of human capital…

Addressing the Multidimensional Barriers to Girls’ Education in Niger

Addressing the Multidimensional Barriers to Girls’ Education in Niger Niger is among the world’s countries with the lowest girls’ enrolment, retention, and school completion rates. According to UNICEF, 2.5 million children and adolescents are out of school.[1] 5 Only 19% of girls in rural areas complete primary education. This number drops to a worrying 8% among the…

RET won the “Prize of Excellence” for its work with child soldiers and the communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo 

Sunday, September 11th, 2022, RET Germany was awarded the “Prize of Excellence” by the Association Sans But Lucratif (ASBL) “Tous vers un-Congo Nouveau”, (T.C.N) -All towards a new Congo- for its work with child soldiers since 2012 in DRC. During the ceremony, multiple awards were distributed to individuals and non-profit organizations working to promote youth…