RET has promoted inclusive and safe educational community environments for vulnerable children, adolescents and youth in Panama, allowing them to face the effects of crises, violence and disasters since 2009.

Panama faces a growing wave of discriminatory and xenophobic attitudes/actions from public officials and host communities due to the steady increase of foreigners in the country, especially Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, Guatemalan, Salvadorian and Honduran asylum seekers.

RET’s operations during the fiscal year of 2018 were focused in the provinces of Panama, Colon and San Miguelito with a long-lasting solution of integrating the asylum seekers into local communities.

RET implemented projects to build networks to improve self-sufficiency and integration and strengthening of the institutional capacities for the assistance, protection and inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees as well as to strengthen the socio-economic integration of youth in the education system, and to develop their employability profiles.