RET has directly supported 469,587 Burundian youth and Congolese refugees through 38 projects along with the renovation and establishment of 348 learning facilities.

The primary areas of intervention: Education, Protection, Basic infrastructure, Peace, stability & transition

Following the Burundian internal conflict of the 1990s and early 2000s, many communities had to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Therefore, RET originally worked with Burundian youth in Tanzania from 2002 to 2005. As camps started to close and populations began returning home, the needs shifted back to Burundi.RET started operations in 2005, by providing access to post-primary education to youth returning to Burundi in order to facilitate their reintegration. Over time, RET supported over two hundred secondary schools, benefiting more than 60.000 students through renovation work and the construction of more classrooms, dormitories, sanitary facilities, staff rooms, and water tanks. We also provided teacher training, language and educational catch-up courses and a responsible citizenship program. RET has been active throughout most of the 18 provinces of Burundi implementing over 36 projects.RET has been conducting operations in Muyinga and Kirundo to reduce the potential for conflict by harnessing the energies of youth to act for peace and social cohesion using a multi-faceted approach which includes vocational education, theatre, sports, forum discussions and more recently, RET has been implementing programs to improve the income generation and self-reliance prospects of youth through targeted capacity-building and vocational trainings.