Youth Civic Engagement

The youth Civic Engagement program aims to reduce the potential for conflict by harnessing the energy of youth for peace and social cohesion, and engaging youth-at-risk not only, in education and technical training, but also facilitating their access to economic opportunities as well as income generation and strengthening their leadership skills through youth organization. Also, RET uses different tools to promote the youth’s sense of community through “Responsible Citizenship Program”, and “Conflict Prevention” approaches to encourage “dialogue” and “intergenerational discussions” in a safe environment and to mitigate ethnic and political divides through the employment of a common form of work. Eventually contributing to peace consolidation and reconciliation at the community level.

Youth Empowerment
Ultimately, RET aims to build a world in which the actions of empowered young people lead their communities out of crisis and towards stronger social cohesion, peace and prosperity. To help young people become such actors of positive social change, RET has developed a series of programs focused on Youth Civic Empowerment & responsible citizenship, youth-adult partnerships or awareness of rights – children’s rights, women’s rights, refugee rights as well as various programs engaging and enabling youth. These programs provide young people with the keys to participate in their community’s affairs and be meaningfully engaged in all aspects of humanitarian action. Leadership training is also essential for young people to be capable of creating youth-led community assets-based projects or successfully administer grassroots youth groups and associations.