Women Socio-economic Empowerment

RET’s programs are concerned by young people in general. However, we do believe that by working consistently with vulnerable young women and mothers, our programs not only respond to pressing needs, but have a greater impact and effectiveness. Young women and mothers are amongst the most vulnerable in crises but are also often heads of households and play essential roles in the lives of children, youth and the family unit as a whole. A person’s gender still greatly affects their opportunities and achievements. The social, economic and cultural development of societies has created different gender roles, which are in most cases advantageous to men and detrimental to women. This gap widens in fragile contexts, as evidence shows that masculinities and femininities are heightened during a crisis. Also, when general violence in communities rises there is a noted increase in gender-based violence. The use of rape as a weapon or forced early marriages are among the most notorious examples. Therefore, focusing on young women, adolescent mothers, women heads of households, young widows is vital in the perspective of addressing the most pressing needs. However, the logic for focusing on women goes beyond this question of vulnerability; it is also an issue of impact and effectiveness. Targeting young women has far reaching positive impacts as they are very often at the heart of the family, influence children’s education, play important roles in health, nutrition as well as household management and income. The more education a woman has, the better the opportunities for the children and the families as a whole. The return on investment of working to protect young women through education is therefore extremely high.

RET is committed to enabling girls and young women affected by disasters, or in fragile contexts and protracted crises, by promoting the sustainable development goals (SDG’s); in particular, (SDG8) Decent Work, (SDG 3) to live healthy lives & to promote wellbeing for all and (SDG 5) to advance gender equality and women & girls’ empowerment.
The socio-economic empowerment program addresses the needs of refugee and vulnerable local women and their families’ living in semi-urban and peripheral areas, by (1) strengthening their self-reliance (2) building their employability profile (3) improving their income generation prospects and (4) Enterprise/entrepreneurial support (Including Coops); in tandem with raising their awareness regarding gender-based violence & sexual and reproductive health matters. The program also promotes conflict mitigation and streamline social cohesion with the ultimate aim of Inclusion and Integration. The program decreased the vulnerability of refugee women through support mechanisms that would increase their employability and economic productivity and provide them with a more protective social environment.

RET commits to replicate its lead approach for the socio-economic empowerment of young women and women in contexts of fragility (WSEE, Turkey) to reach increased numbers of refugee and displaced women, in particular, young women worldwide.