Sub-Saharan Africa

Yellow: Countries of Concern – Green: Past Countries of Operations – Blue: Countries of Opeations

East & Central Africa
RET operates in East Africa (the region spanning from the Horn of Africa, to Tanzania and up to The Sudan) as well as in Central Africa (the region spanning from Chad to the Democratic Republic of Congo) and implements projects in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, as well as Kenya and Somalia.

Both the Central African Crisis and the South Sudan Crisis are of great concern to RET, leading to countries such as Uganda, the Central African Republic and Cameroon to be on the list of potential new interventions.

West Africa
West Africa is the region from Niger and Nigeria to the Atlantic coast. From 2004 to 2007, RET implemented programs in Guinea and Sierra Leone and, because of the present Sahel and Lake Chad Crisis, RET is now registered in Mali, Mauritania, Uganda, Niger and Nigeria and operations started in Mauritania.