Latin America & the Caribbean

The term Latin America and the Caribbean covers an extensive region, ranging from Mexico and the Bahamas, to Argentina and Chile. The region is home to around 654 million people and covers 21’951’000 km2.

RET has been present in the region since 2004 and is currently implementing projects in Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and more recently Peru. RET was also present in Haiti between 2010 and 2013.

The Latin America and the Caribbean region is affected by multiple migration patterns, where its citizens see migration as the only solution to flee political and economic instabilities. In south-to-north migration flows, people are in search of economic opportunities.

Another migration pattern originates in northern countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua and passes through Mexico to find refuge in Belize, Costa Rica or Panama; in addition, a significant south-to-south migration is currently occurring, where crises such as the internal armed conflict in Colombia, or more recently the social and economic crisis in Venezuela, are forcing the population to be displaced internally and externally, and even emigrating back to their country of origins as returnees.

Given the internal conflict in Colombia, the violence in the Northern Territories and the Venezuelan economic crisis, RET is expanding its operations in the region both in Central and South America.