We are committed to a TRANSPARENT APPROACH

RET is committed to safeguarding the values of transparency and accountability, through an evidence-based approach and through its innovative Monitoring and Evaluation system put in place. 

Evidence-based approach 
In order to fulfill its commitment to donors, stakeholders and beneficiaries through upward and downward accountability, RET maintains a database that powers its transparency commitment.

RET shares up-to date information related to project components and key indicators strictly with donors in a digital format. The objective is to make it easy for stakeholders to access, monitor and evaluate the information in real time. 

RET is committed to protecting and respecting personal data and privacy by adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation.

Monitoring & Evaluation
In order to increase RET’s accountability towards donors and beneficiaries and to reach better efficiency and ensure relevant and high-quality outcomes, RET put in place a global Monitoring & Evaluation System (M&E) to track the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of its programs.

The M&E procedures provide credible and useful information enabling the incorporation of lessons learnt and best practices into decision-making processes and promote RET’s approach to transparency.