Obidullah’s Story: Healing after a break in Education

A resident of the Parwan province, Obidullah started his studies with enthusiasm and commitment. However, his financial situation and security problems blocked his path. Obidullah has always been ambitious and eager to make progress. Even in the face of these problems, he decided to participate in Afghanistan’s matriculation exam to study journalism at Parwan University.Continue reading “Obidullah’s Story: Healing after a break in Education”

Sharifa’s Story: 
The triumph of a female entrepreneur

Sharifa’s story bears witness to the power of resilience and how much a woman can accomplish in the face of adversity. She is an entrepreneur whose triumphs are bigger than the problems surrounding her exile.  Having fled to Iran from Afghanistan 10 years ago, Sharifa didn’t have any opportunities to speak of. She had toContinue reading “Sharifa’s Story: 
The triumph of a female entrepreneur”

Shining light on talents & cultivating a culture of Professionalism

How RET Germany’s Job Counseling Program in Afghanistan reinforces the success of educational and vocational training components, elevating participants from dependency to self-reliance.  For years, Afghanistan’s economy has been characterized by an aid-induced, and therefore fragile, stability. Agriculture, whose performance lies at the Centre of the country’s economy, is at the mercy of the climateContinue reading “Shining light on talents & cultivating a culture of Professionalism”