Our approach to SELF-RELIANCE

The aim of RET’s approach to self-reliance is to build RESILIENCE & END DEPENDENCY.

The social and economic ability of an individual, household or community to meet simultaneously essential needs such as protection, food, water, shelter, safety, health and education are embodied in the concept of self-reliance.  

To achieve locally sustained outcomes, RET focuses on catalyzing self-reliance by strengthening the local capacities, fostering socio-economic empowerment and human development and promoting stable, resilient, and prosperous societies. 
We believe that people must influence the processes that shape their lives.

RET’s approach to self-reliance works toward creating durable development results by ending the need of any external support. RET’s vision is to capacitate the most vulnerable to become more resilient and lead their own development journey”towards rebuilding more resilient and peaceful communities.

To make self-reliance move from theory into reality, RET’s projects, models of interventions, Monitoring & Evaluation System, policies and procedures are all being oriented around the concept of self-reliance and towards building resilience and ending dependency.

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