Projects in Chad

Working for Peaceful Communities in and around the Refugee Camps in Southern Chad 2 Projects- Phases II and III ( Two projects)

Adolescents and youth of the host population in Chad have limited educational and employment opportunities and the majority of young people living in the camps are in a situation of social breakdown, with no learning or leisure activities. Most youth RET works with have lost reference to normal life, generating alienation and the potential for conflict.

Through effective youth engagement, RET in Chad implemented a project aimed at empowering young people to become actors of positive social change through active participation in peace programs and youth-led community-based projects, such as the inauguration of peace clubs, theatre

for conflict resolution, discussion groups and community events, along with creating an informal RET youth network to design and implement quick impact initiatives promoting peace in their communities. In addition, and to  pave the way to peace, the project provided literacy and numeracy classes along with life skills trainings. This method of youth and adolescent empowerment reduced their risks of succumbing to extremism, militarization and other harmful practices.

The project offered further capacity-building of engaged youth and extended into new locations in the districts of Maro (the refugee camp of Belom and the villages of Maro and Karboro) and Gore (the refugee camps of Amboko, Dosseye, Doholo, Gondji and the villages of Doholo, Timberi, Beuret).

The two continuous projects implemented between April 2017 and December 2017, and January 2018 and December 2018, were funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, S03 Division and implemented by RET in Chad.

Higher Education DAFI Scholarships – 2 projects

Building the capacity of refugees and returnees through quality tertiary education and developing competent human resources will pave the way for income generation prospect for their entire families and lead to a better prosperous future. To date, RET was able to impact positively the lives of more than 429 refugee and returnee students to pursue their tertiary education in Burundi (2008-To date) & Chad (2012-2018)

The Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) implemented by RET in Burundi, is managed at the global level by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on behalf of the Government of Germany and aims to provide higher education scholarships for refugees and returnees. The purpose of the DAFI Program is to maintain and strengthen the level of capacity of refugees, enabling them to become more self-reliant and to actively contribute to the development of both refugee and host communities. More generally, the DAFI Program aims to encourage the development of qualified human resources for the future reconstruction of the refugees’ home countries upon repatriation, thereby supporting greater peace and stability in the region.

The opportunities opened by this scholarship program allow young refugees living in the eastern and southern camps of Chad to fulfil their dream of tertiary education and self-sufficiency. Their professional qualification opens the doors to a future career through which their whole community will benefit.

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