Projects in Afghanistan


Provision of access to inclusive and protective learning for emergency affected children in Balkh province in Afghanistan

It is estimated that more than 500,000 children are in need of Education in Emergency EiE interventions in Afghanistan. Many of the IDPs and returnees’ children are faced with lack of educational opportunities and are deprived of their basic right. The project aims to facilitate the access of vulnerable children to inclusive and protective learning opportunities in the Balkh province in Afghanistan. It aims to reach 3500 children (2000 girls) in four districts of the Balkh province (Sholgara, Nahr-e-Shahi, Dehdadi and Shortepa) in Afghanistan. It will also support the establishment of 100 Competency-based Education (CBE) classes facilitated by 100 teachers (at least 60% female teacher), RET will also establish school counsels to improve students’ and teacher’s attendance, security, protection, and inclusiveness. Throughout this project, RET and the project partners will target around 200 villages where IDPs and returnee’s including vulnerable host communities are settled.

This project is funded by the Islamic Relief Worldwide, Organization for Research and Development (ORCD), Afghanistan General Help Coordination Office (AGHCO)


Stabilizing Communities in Areas of High Migrant Return: Bagram Phase III & Kabul Phase III & Kunduz Province Phase IV –  Three Projects

The projects aim to prevent economic migration by providing short-term solutions to empower youth and adult returnees, while facilitating the social reintegration of young returnees and reduce socio-cultural inequalities between young people and young adults affected by the crisis. In addition, the projects promote community stability and prevent future crises through the application of a conflict and community-sensitive approach. The project provides interventions across the Humanitarian – Development – Peace nexus focusing on:

  1. Humanitarian Aid: Responding to protection needs and risks in fragile settings through life skills training, basic healthcare and psychosocial counselling.
  2. Peacebuilding: Social cohesion/ restoring the social fabric of Afghan communities composed of IDPs, returnees and host community members through Focused Group Discussion, Community Social Events & Sports Activities.
  3. Sustainable Development intervention: Increasing the self-reliance of community members to enhance re-integration through Educational Programs (different levels), Small Business Training, Entrepreneurial Skills, Financial Literacy and Micro-Credit Training & Job Counselling.

The projects tackled the root causes of economic migration and provided short term self-employment programs primarily targeted at young and adult returnees. In addition to strengthen the social resilience of Afghans affected by the crisis, RET provided trainings in entrepreneurial skills and knowledge on how to get a job, facilitated access to microfinance as a means to improve self-employment and implemented programs for socioeconomic reintegration.

The socio-cultural inequalities are reduced by providing young returnees access to education, and by strengthening the Afghan Ministry of Education to provide basic services in remote areas, such as small-scale infrastructure renovation, provision of equipment, etc. Access to education helps facilitate access to employment opportunities for returnees and internally displaced persons, promote social inclusion and youth empowerment and stabilize the community.

Since 2012, RET implemented 19 projects funded by the Government of Germany, with 15 projects funded directly by the German Federal Foreign Office, SO3 Division and implemented by RET in Afghanistan.

Map of Afghanistan _provinces -01

The first project was implemented in Kabul province ( Dasht-e-Barchi, Karta-e-Now, Khairkhana, and Barik Abe refugee camp). The second project was implemented in Parwan province ( Charikar and Barik Abe refugee camp). The third project was implemented in Kunduz province ( Imam Saib distric, and Basoos, Ghazikhan, Sae Darak high schools). RET previously conducted operations in Peshawar, Bamyan, Parwan, Badakshan, Panjshir and, Kapisa.

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