Our Story

Providing multi-dimensional solutions and capacitating particularly youth and women has always been our core commitment. 

Today, we are taking on a catalytic role in sustainable development to make our commitment a substantial reality and our impacts more durable. 

Since our founding in 2000, we have worked in more than 31 countries, implementing more than 322 projects to help our beneficiaries overcome multi-dimensional adversities.

We have helped refugee adolescents and youth in refugee camps; we have assisted communities from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean made vulnerable by displacement, violence, armed conflict and disasters. We have provided a broad diversity of programs aimed at protecting and building the resilience of youth and women affected by crises. 

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Today, we reimagined our interventions, envisioning a world in which vulnerable young people overcome multi-dimensional adversities and are capacitated to lead their own development journey and prosper beyond our assistance. 

With almost two decades of experience in humanitarian assistance, peacebuilding and development aid, we believe we are the leading NGO in providing tailor-made solutions to “Bridge the Gaps” in crises, conflicts and fragile contexts using an innovative, multi-sectoral approach to protect, stabilize and enhance self-reliance.  
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1.6 Million Direct Participants 
8 Million Indirect Participants 
322 Projects 
31 Countries 
1’300 Team Members 
1’600 Facilities (Schools & Women’s Centers)

RET’s extensive presence in the field has enabled it to positively impact the lives of just over 1.6 million participants, 55% of whom are women. 12’500 youth leaders have been trained and nearly 300 tertiary education scholarships managed, paving the way to more peaceful and stable communities by empowering a generation of young people to become actors of positive social change. 

Our actions have also led to constructing, renovating, and equipping over 1’600 schools and women’s centers. 

In all, RET has reached over 8 million indirect beneficiaries.

While RET employs staff from around forty countries, nearly all are locally based. That is to say almost 100% of RET staff in each country of operations are citizens of that country or of neighboring countries, with only very few expats operating regionally or from headquarters.

With 1,300 team members around the world, RET creates a positive impact on local employment and professional development. This adds an additional level of value to RET’s engagement in each country.

RET’s global presence benefits local professionals through good practices and lessons learned, as well as by training and building the capacity and skillsets of local staff. This leads to increases in our programs’ efficiency and sustainability.