Our History


• “RET” was created through the vision of Mrs. Sadako Ogata – former UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

• RET was created to bridge the post-primary education gap between refugee adolescents and youth in fragile contexts.

• Operations started in Uganda, Tanzania, Guinea, Sudan & Colombia.
• RET became a member of ICVA (International Council of Voluntary Agencies) and of Inter-Action.

• Operations started in Pakistan.
• RET started working mainly with the Afghan communities in Pakistan.
• RET is one of the initial active members of INEE’s first and solely working group on EiE Standards.

• Operations started in Ecuador, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Kenya.
• RET co-lead the Regional LAC conference on the elaboration of the first ever international Standards for Education in Emergencies, whose handbook was launched by INEE at the end of the same year.

• RET USA, Inc. (partner) was registered in Washington DC.
• Operations started in Chad.
• RET became the co-convener for the INEE task team on adolescents and youth.

• Operations started in Burundi.
• RET originally worked with Burundian youth in Tanzania from 2002 to 2005. As camps started to close and populations began returning home, the needs shifted back to Burundi.

• Operations started in Afghanistan.
• Afghanistan programs have led to four awards including the Afghan National Hero Award from the Afghan Parliament and the Massoud Foundation in the provinces of Parwan and Panjshir.

• Operations started in Colombia.

• Operations started in Panama.

• Operations started in Haiti & Costa Rica.
• RET was selected to become a member of INEE Steering Committee (until to 2017).

• Operations started in DR Congo.

• Operations started in Venezuela.
• Operations started in Kenya.

• Operations started in Lebanon.
RET Liban (partner) was established as a local Independant NGO in Lebanon to respond mainly to the Syrian crisis in Lebanon.

• RET Japan was registered in Japan.
• Operations started in Turkey.
• RET became the co-chair of the INEE Steering Committee (until 2017)

• RET Germany was registered as an independent ‘eingetragener Verein'(e. V.) organization in Berlin, to take RET’s know-how since 2000 and carry it into the future. Legal Structure  – Board of Directors.

• Operations started in Somalia.
• RET became a member of the Youth Compact in Humanitarian Action and of its Task Team 1 on Youth Guidelines.
• RET is named a member of the Executive Board for the Swiss Network on Education and Development – RECI.

• Operations started in Mexico.
• RET YKD (Partner) was established as a local, independant development actor in Turkey.
• RET has been selected to become a member of the Global Education Cluster Advisory Group.
• RET has been selected to be a member of INEE Working Group on Standards & Practices and on Advocacy.
• RET became an active member of the INEE Youth (Prevention of Violent Extremism Group)

• Operations started in Peru.
• RET conducted two Needs & Assets’ Missions in Bangladesh in Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar, where it had “Key Informant Interviews” with government officials, UN agencies and NGOs. RET’s official registration process has been finalized.
• RET was selected as a member of the INEE Working Group Education & Policies, and a co-chair of the Alternative Education Work-stream.
• RET was selected as a member of GADRRRES – Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction & Recovery in the Education Sector.
• RET selected as a member of the Child Protection Alliance.
• RET has integrated the G-7 Global Task Force, member of the G-7 Education, Gender and Peace & Security Working Groups. 

• Operations started in Mauritania.
• RET was selected as a member and the co-lead of the Education Cannot Wait (ECW) Technical Task Team.
• Within two decades of its founding, RET is active on four continents, in 31 countries and has directly touched the lives of 1.6 Million Direct Beneficiaries & 8 Million Indirect Beneficiaries.

• RET is planning to expand to reach the most vulnerable in Iraq Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Cameroon, Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua …
We will remain committed to our catalytic positive role; we will continue to provide innovative tailor-made solutions. Our promise is for our capacitated youth to lead their own journey and rebuild more resilient and peaceful communities.