Our Mission, Vision & Values


We alleviate suffering and catalyze sustainable development, in crises, conflicts and fragile contexts.

We believe our humanitarian actions during emergencies, in protracted crises and in fragile contexts can alleviate the deepest sufferings and can build people’s resilience and enhance their self-reliance. 

We stand with people, with refugees, returnees, Internally Displaced Person’s, alongside the host communities adopting the key humanitarian principles of: humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence.

We believe we are the world leader, in providing tailor-made solutions and relevant programs to bridge the gaps and respond to the real needs and challenges of the communities. We assume a catalytic positive role towards sustainable development

Our aim is to provoke significant positive change, enabling particularly vulnerable youth and young women to take control of their lives and fulfil their social and economic rights.

RET focuses primarily on the two pillars of youth and women, as they represent among the most vulnerable populations during crises, as well as the greatest vectors of positive social change.

Ultimately, we envision a world in which vulnerable young people overcome multi-dimensional adversities and are capacitated to lead their own journey towards rebuilding more resilient and peaceful communities.


To be successful in our interventions and achieve meaningful impact, we embrace a transparent approach and are accountable towards our donors and host governments who support us, and the beneficiaries and staff whom we capacitate. We always show a positive, open and fair attitude, and respect diversity and gender equity.
Our interventions are innovative and our solutions tailor-made to respond to the specific needs of different communities. 

Commitment & Transparency

  • We are committed to showing lasting support to our cause, which clearly transcends self-interest and opportunistic behavior.
  • Our channels of communications are always open and transparent, we have clear procedures for decision-making, we communicate using an evidence-based approach & we understand that we are accountable to our donors, host governments, our beneficiaries and to our staff.
  • We are responsible for the results of our own actions. 
    Related Values: Open; honest; evidence-based; pragmatic; effective; impactful; results-oriented.

Innovation & Adaptability 

  • We consider ourselves a catalyst for positive change. We propose tailor-made solutions to our beneficiaries, adapting and responding to the real needs and challenges of the communities using an evidence-based approach to increase the effectiveness of our interventions.
  • We translate ideas into actions swiftly and provide innovative solutions using the latest tools and technologies; we are novel, and we think big.
    Related Values: Flexible; open-minded, agile; creative; willing to learn, non-bureaucratic; dynamic; dedicated.

Diversity & Equity

  • We respect the uniqueness of each individual and value our differences. We recognize diversity beyond the dimensions of race, gender, religious beliefs, political beliefs, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities or other dogmas.
  • We show fairness, we have the quality of treating our beneficiaries, partners and staff equally without favoritism or discrimination.
    Related Values: Fair; impartial; neutral; respectful, non-biased
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