Since 2013, RET has directly supported 69,511 participants and indirectly benefitted 347,555 refugees and host members through 13 projects.

The primary areas of intervention: Education, Youth self-reliance, Protection (prevention of early marriage) Peace, stability & transition.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in 2011, around 1.5 million displaced persons are believed to have crossed the border into Lebanon, formerly home to around 4.5 million people.

This massive and rapid influx of Syrian refugees into an already vulnerable state has negatively impacted life in Lebanon on different levels. A declining economy, the exhaustion of social services, a political vacuum, a decrease in security as well as a deteriorating quality of life for the displaced Syrians themselves are just a few of the examples of the changes in that country.

Therefore, in 2013, RET stepped in to respond to the needs and challenges of both the vulnerable members of the host communities as well as the refugee population, by implementing various projects focusing on building resilience in the sectors of education, protection, gender equality and social inclusion as well as peace and community stabilization.