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The socio-economic empowerment project addresses the needs of refugee and vulnerable local women and their families’ living in semi-urban and peripheral areas, in particular Mardin, Kilis and Çorum, by (1) strengthening their self-reliance (2) building their employability profile and (3) improving their income generation prospects; in tandem with raising their awareness regarding gender-based violence & sexual and reproductive health matters.

Lacking proper training limits women’s chances to enter labor market; in response, the socio-economic empowerment project increases their employability profiles by providing them with skills trainings.

Workshops in (1) Handmade Soap Production; (2) Natural Dolls Making Workshop, (3) Natural Dyeing and Wood Printing Workshops are offered to local and refugee women, supporting them in setting up small businesses to sell their handmade products and generate sustainable income.

In addition to the vocational trainings, advanced technical trainings for women interested in setting up small local businesses are offered, providing them with knowledge on product design, marketing and entrepreneurship skills. The projects decreased the vulnerability of refugee women through support mechanisms that would not only increase their employability and economic productivity, but also provide them with a more protective social environment.

Leap natural brand embraces RET’s approach to self-reliance: to build resilience & end dependency. It promotes crafted natural products, handmade by empowered, resilient women, part of Leap Natural’s “Women Business Network” that promotes a livelihoods-focused intervention towards sustainable development.

Handmade Soap Production

Handmade Soap Production
RET started the soap production workshop in 2015 providing vocational trainings aimed at empowering local and Syrian refugee women and their families’ in Mardin.
The women worked with top quality natural materials to perfect the production of natural artisanal soap.  As the participants became more practiced, recipes perfected, production methods were revisited. Today RET Leap Natural soap workshop offers nine types of standard soaps, custom soaps for special occasions, three types of scrubs, Turkish bath sets, and hand-woven loofas through individual packages or customized sets.

Leap Natural brand offers as well guided visits to the Soap workshop in Mardin for groups.

Natural Dolls Making Workshop


Natural Dolls Making Workshop
In 2018, RET opened “Natural Dolls Making Workshop” – a workshop in Kilis for Syrian refugee & local women to learn not only doll-making from sewing, and embroidering, but also marketing, entrepreneurship, product design and basic financial trainings. Natural dolls are produced using a methodic approach to arts education, advancing children’s social, emotional, physical and mental development. Play has a central role in developing children’s creativity. This is how children impersonate and understand the real world. Children tend to project their self-image into the toy they are playing with, that is why Leap dolls are handmade with natural materials, with basic structure, neutral, unexpressive facial expressions and more importantly Leap dolls are genderless as to leave the doll details to the child’s imagination.

Natural Dyeing and WoodBlock Printing Workshop


Natural Dyeing and WoodBlock Printing Workshop
In Çorum, the Natural dyeing and block printing workshop is offered to women aged between 18 and 45, providing them with a safe space as part of RET’s inclusive approach, to socialize, learn and apply their skills.  In the workshops, Iraqi and local women share their life experiences, increasing their awareness on gender-based violence matters and promoting social cohesion. At the Natural dyeing and woodblock printing workshops, the women learn the techniques of wood-block printing and the fundamentals of arts through color mixing, tracing and fabric painting.

To date, throughout the specific “Economic Growth & Development” sector, in particular the socio-economic empowerment of women, RET has directly supported more than 10,000 women to become more resilient.

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