RET entered Ecuador in 2005 to strengthen the resilience of Colombian refugees and vulnerable members of the host communities. After the earthquake of 2016, RET deployed its expertise in the use of education to protect children, adolescents and youth in collaboration with the state and international organizations.

More recently and since the Venezuelan crisis began, some 547,000 Venezuelans have entered Ecuador through the Colombian border (UNHCR, 2018), making the latter migration of Venezuelans seeking asylum one of Latin America’s largest mass population migration in history.

RET, operating from its main offices in the provinces of Sucumbíos, Esmeraldas and Pichincha, provides humanitarian assistance to asylum seekers and refugees, enabling their socio-cultural integration into the host communities as well as providing emergency care for displaced children and adolescents in different localities throughout Ecuador.

RET is also involved in strengthening and supporting adolescents and young people, and in the protection of children and adolescent by integrating them in the local education system. RET implements sustainable approaches in its interventions by strengthening social structures that reinforce and allow for the inclusion, integration and resilience of vulnerable populations.