Economic Growth & Development

Within the framework of SDG8 (to create sustainable growth, full, productive and decent work & employment); RET provides employment opportunities, that align with national laws and regulations, to refugees, displaced people, and host community members, with a particular focus on youth, women, and persons with disabilities. RET provides technical support to increase the employability profile and access to income generation of refugees and other crisis-affected people, as well as assistance to relevant and market-driven entrepreneurship skills training or technical and vocational programs. 

To achieve locally sustained outcomes, RET focuses on increasing the self-sufficiency and self-reliance of refugee and displaced young people and their families along with those affected in the host communities by displacement, conflict, violence and promoting stable, resilient, and prosperous societies through various tools: Self- Reliance & Socio-Economic Strengthening, Livelihoods opportunities; Life skills; Agriculture; Digital Work; Small Market Oriented; Business Development; Social Entrepreneurship and Rural Development.

We believe that people must influence the processes that shape their lives
RET’s interventions in the Economic Growth & Development sector work toward creating durable development results by ending the need for any external support. RET’s vision is to enable the most vulnerable to become more resilient and lead their development journey towards rebuilding more resilient and peaceful communities. Learn more about our socio-economic empowerment programs. 

Decent Employment Contributes to Conflict Prevention and Peace-building
Mainstreaming Social Cohesion:
RET’s approach aims to mainstream social cohesion and peaceful coexistence through equitable access to livelihoods and decent jobs. Equitable access to livelihoods helps prevent outbreaks of social tension between communities experiencing a sense of inequality and injustice, including refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities.

SDG 8 (Decent Work) is an essential element of the triple nexus RET is using and represents RET’s approach in mitigating the socio-economic adversities through (1) Employment & Income Generation Opportunities (2) Enhancing Skills for Employability and (3) Institution-building & Social Dialogue that can contribute to peace and resilience.

RET is providing job initiatives to build the resilience of affected communities, especially women, and is also addressing discrimination over access to resources and livelihoods. RET’s approach is to create jobs, reinforce skills, and local economic development as a way to contribute to more peaceful and resilient societies. Through its adoption to a human rights-based approach, ensuring “Do No Harm” and adopting a conflict-sensitive approach, RET is protecting and building the resilience of vulnerable people in crises, conflicts, and protracted crises; thus, impacting development, peace, and social cohesion positively.

To date, RET implemented more than 94 projects with the “Economic Growth & Development” primary area of intervention.