Affiliated Organizations

RET was created through the vision of Mrs Sadako Ogata – former UN High Commissioner for Refugees – who in 2000 created RET in Geneva, Switzerland. As RET grew, the need to re-center RET’s focus from Geneva to Berlin became apparent and in 2015 RET Germany was created to take RET’s know-how and carry it into the future.

RET Germany (eingetragener Verein) is an independent, impartial, non-partisan organization, with no religious or political affiliation registered in Berlin, Germany since 2015 with a self-governing independent Board of Directors.

RET AMERICAS, Inc. is an independent 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. It presently acts as a managing partner for country operations in Latin America and The Caribbean.


RET International in Switzerland is legally registered in the Register of Commerce of Geneva and serves as managing partner for all projects funded by UN entities, Swiss Government, Cantons, Foundations, Corporations and private individuals in Switzerland.


In all the countries in which we operate, RET is registered as a local branch. In some countries, such as Lebanon, Turkey, Kenya or Panama, RET is a local non-governmental organization dedicated to providing durable solutions to communities in the development sector. 

These organizations and their representatives work with similar mandates and institutional identities as RET, but offer more proximity with communities, host and donor governments, and better integrated administrative statutes to meet the communities’ needs. 

They report to RET’s CEO for strategy and operations, who is a member of RET’s Board of Directors.