Webinar “Comprehensive Approach within Women’s Socio-Economic Empowerment Programmes are Key for Collective Sustainable Development: Leap Women’s Co-Operative and Leap Natural Social Enterprise Example from Türkiye.” The Regional Forum for Sustainable Development 2022 | The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

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Türkiye hosts around 7 million refugees (Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghan) who have fled their home countries. Disproportionately affected by crises, women and girls face more adversities, including barriers to access to basic services, such as health services, education, livelihoods, and employment opportunities, coupled with protection risks and higher risks of SGBV and SRH. In South-eastern Türkiye, women from the host community have been facing similar challenges, falling behind the overall socio-economic welfare levels of Turkish women residing in other regions in Türkiye. To support women from this particular region, RET Germany (INGO) has been implementing a holistic, multi-faceted approach to Women’s Socio-Economic Empowerment interventions in partnership with LEAP (LNGO) since 2015. RET’s successful WSEE project in Türkiye has impacted the lives of vulnerable women positively, providing them with durable and sustainable solutions by establishing Leap’s women’s co-operative, full-running cooperation led and managed by the enabled project’s women participants.

RET’s interventions aim to empower women and increase their access to the labor market and sustainable income generation opportunities via entrepreneurial development, vocational skills development, branding, digital & social media marketing, and, more importantly, partnerships with governmental and local authorities and the private sector. RET’s interventions advance SDG 5 primarily and SDG 8 but tackle multiple cross-cutting goals following a do-no-harm approach toward climate and gender, including promoting SDG 13, to include echo-friendly actions in WSEE programming, such as market-based programming, decentralized procurement, and light supply chain (locally procured, locally produced), and working towards achieving zero-waste policy.

Agenda and List of Panellists

08:30 Opening, Moderator

8:35 Mr. Mert Fırat – Actor, Entrepreneur, Founding Member of Needs Map (İhtiyaç Haritası), board member of Yanındayız Association & UNDP Goodwill Ambassador to share his experience and his work with LEAP Türkiye. 
08.40 Women, Gender, and Climate Actions measures – Dima Haydar, Director of External Relations & Communications at RET Germany
08.50 RET Germany’s WSEE Project, Leap Women’s Co-Operative, and Leap Natural – Kardelen Berfin Kobyaoğlu – Livelihoods Specialist at LEAP Türkiye
09.00 Climate Actions in Women’s Socio-Economic Empowerment Programs – Emel D. Andrews – Technical Livelihoods Specialist at RET Germany 
09.15 LEAP Best Practices, Durable Actions, and Lessons Learned within Leap Women’s Co-Operative Kardelen Berfin Kobyaoğlu – Livelihoods Specialist – LEAP Türkiye
09.30 Q & A