“Les fous de Buja” Christian’s Success Story

Meet Christian a young Congolese who grew up in the Bwagiriza refugee camp in Ruyigi, Burundi. From a young age, Christian was drawn to entertainment, he dreamt of becoming a famous actor and performing in huge decorated theatres; he also imagined himself sitting on a director’s chair and behind a camera to direct Hollywood movies. Check out the full story below

“As a refugee living in a camp, I had very limited options, I believed I cannot dream big, but it turned out I can, I definitely can.”

One step closer to is dream, Christian was selected by RET amongst many refugees in 2017 to obtain a #DAFI scholarship and pursue his tertiary education. Christian joined the “Université Lumière de Bujumbura” where he enrolled in its audiovisual department and began his studies. In addition to his formal training, Christian participated in different acting training modules; and eventually got a role in the famous event “Buja sans Tabou 2020 edition”.

Christian has already set up his YouTube channel “Les fous de Buja”; “The crazy people of Buja” and have been producing short movies with his colleagues, focusing on the social challenges young people face in their communities in a humorist/dark comedy style.

“If it wasn’t for the RET and the DAFI program, my dream would have still been in the camp, in the closet in a dark place and would have never seen the light. Now I can voice all my ideas through the videos I produce. We refugees will dream big.”

You can subscribe to Christian channel “Les fous de Buja” on YouTube and check out his videos.

 The Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) implemented by RET in Burundi, is managed at the global level by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on behalf of the Government of Germany and aims to provide higher education scholarships for refugees and returnees. Thank you for the generous support of the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund.