Obidullah’s Story: Healing after a break in Education

A resident of the Parwan province, Obidullah started his studies with enthusiasm and commitment. However, his financial situation and security problems blocked his path. Obidullah has always been ambitious and eager to make progress. Even in the face of these problems, he decided to participate in Afghanistan’s matriculation exam to study journalism at Parwan University.

Obidullah used to support five family members and was responsible for his family’s daily expenditure. His father was not interested in supporting Obidullah’s studies and put pressure on him to leave university. As a result, Obidullah dropped out.

After leaving higher education, Obidullah found he lacked the knowledge, skills and experience to secure a job. He didn’t know how to compose a cover letter, how to write a CV, nor how to actually apply for work.  

Obidullah found RET Germany thanks to one of his friends, and he learnt about the job counselling program. RET Germany’s Parwan Project Job Counsellor enrolled him in the program, which quickly provided Obidullah the skills and resources he was missing. His diligent searching yielded results and Obidullah is now working, and providing for his family.

He is thankful to RET Germany for the support they provide to many youths in Afghanistan. 

RET Germany would like to thank the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany for their endless support in Afghanistan.

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