Breaking the Cycle of Violence with the Power of Creativity

RET – CTO – 2019

Esengo, who started his own awareness-raising theatre troupe COTHEF PAIX (Compagnie Théatrale Freres de la Paix) after completing his orientation at the CTO, recounts how he decided to become a part of an armed group when tribal clashes dragged his village into disorder. He later witnessed his life being plagued by violence, malnutrition and drug abuse. 

Esengo’s life changed the moment he was approached by a man while he was away from the chief of the armed group, who reminded him that he still was a child, that he should go back and continue his studies instead of roaming with the armed group. Esengo used this encounter as a catalyst and accepted help from Ardaco/RET teams who visited their camp. He abandoned the armed group and head to the CTO in Goma. 

The path Esengo chose is so inspiring and empowering and it demonstrates the diversity that awareness-raising can take as well as the multitude of engagements ex-combatants can enjoy once they leave the CTO. 

Esengo has committed himself to spreading the message of peace and founded COTHEF PAIX(Compagnie Théatrale Freres de la Paix), a participatory theatre that stages play for the prevention of conflict.

Esengo, in his words, is a “comedian-artist-provider” now. He is keen on briefing the community via theatre performances and spreading the message of peace in the region. 

The stories of CTO participants stand witness to their achievements and the key role RET continues to play in their lives

RET Germany e.V. would like to thank the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany for their endless support in saving the lives of adolescents and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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